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Decorating the Anders-Beatty home


It's been fascinating to watch the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house going up in Richland County. 

The folks at ABC are pretty tight lipped about what's going inside the home, but now we're able to get a better idea of how some local people are helping to dress it up. 

Leading the charge is Lisa Pertzborn-Whiting -- a Madison native who really is making a difference.

The Anders-Beatty family home has gone from falling apart to fabulous in less than a week. So far we've only been able to look at what's happening on the outside.

Enter these young people in Waunakee. A handful of kids with different levels of disabilities who are putting together something called "smart art" that's going inside the Anders-Beatty home.

They're piecing together artwork, creative furniture designs, custom art pieces and other finishing touches for the big unveiling.

The folks at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition won't let these kids go into detail -- but that's not  important. What is important is the kids' ability to participate in something getting national attention.

Once their art projects are completed, they'll ship them off to the house and designers will fit them into the big puzzle of what is becoming the new Anders-Beatty home.

Each of these young people will be there as the unveiling happens.

Instead of focusing on their disabilities, their job putting this artwork together is focusing on there abilities.

Lisa Pertzborn-Whiting's daughter is autistic.   Lisa started a company almost ten years ago to give her daughter -- and others like her a place to work as they deal with challenges ahead in their lives.

"Knowing that this would be place that she could be successful in and work in and have opportunities that she wouldn't be afforded in elsewhere," Pertzborn-Whiting says. 

Lisa hopes other companies will begin offering similar opportunities to kids like these, embracing their abilities and focusing on what they are able to accomplish.

"It is so amazingly easy to adjust and adapt every day jobs. These kids are so dedicated, so hard working and are willing to learn," she says. 

And happy for the opportunity. Their hard work will pay off. Each of them will be carrying a sign like this outside the home in Richland County on Thursday as the Anders-Beatty family sees their new home -- and the special artwork and creative touches that come with it.

Something that really is making a difference in the lives of these young people with different levels of ability and skill.

"I can tell it in their confidence level, I can tell it in their skill level, I can tell it in the pride that they have in their jobs. It's just very evident that we are making a difference in giving them opportunities," Pertzborn-Whiting says. 

Opportunities from Lisa Pertzborn-Whiting who really is making a difference.

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