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It's Your Money: 4 day work week


First it was businesses making the switch from a 5 day week to a 4 day week all to save a little cash.

In tonight's It's Your Money, a look at a Florida college that is now making the switch for its students and staff.

Brooke Stile is about to graduate cosmetology school.

"The fact that I have that day that one day it's just so much nicer and I don't have to drive all that way to Cocoa," Stile says. 

Betty Blaschak teaches the art of a good cut.

"It was a great thing for me because I became a full time faculty," Blaschak says. 

Brooke saves gas money.   Betty got a job.    Both because - facing cuts in state funding - Brevard Community College went to a four day work week last summer.

Four and a half days in the fall and spring.

By simply turning down AC and heating systems on Fridays and giving employees the day off, BCC saved $267 thousand in one year.

And brought unexpected results.

Mili Torres runs enrollment services.

"Absenteeism has actually gone away almost in my department," Torres says. 

According to college officials, staff turnover is down 44 percent. Employment applications are up 50 percent.

With the money saved, they hired ten new full time faculty positions, including Betty over in cosmetology.

And it's not as though the gates are locked on Fridays. Jay Bottesch still comes in, using the down day for research and conferences.

For students,  Fridays off means less money spent on gas, time to work an outside job and of course, another day to study....yeah sure.   

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