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Peck's Farm Market


NEAR LONE ROCK (WKOW) -- Waysides used to be a great place to stop and stretch along Wisconsin's rural highways. 

These days, we hop on the interstate and for the most part get from point a to point b as quickly as we can without stopping to see what we might be missing along the way. 

Tonight's Joe's Journeys takes a closer look at one place that's worth a closer look.

It's called Peck's Farm Market, but it's more than sweet corn and tomatoes. It's on Highway 14 between Lone Rock and Spring Green. 

And unless you stop, you'll never know what you're missing.

Lisa Rider's son Brody is just three -- but he loves visting Peck's Farm Market

Peck's is really a farm market -- but this roadside market has turned into so much more.

It's here that Brody gets up close and personal with goats.  

"He loves them," Lisa Rider says.  "He loves them. Especially the little ones."

This is not just a stop along the way for Lisa and Brody -- it's the only stop they're making today.

"We actually tried to come earlier, then the storm came, so we went home, and waited and came back," Rider says. 

For many others it is just a stop. But where else can you find a curious little pig, a zebra or a sniffy little horse along the highway?

Peck's is more than just a roadside animal park. It's a place to relax,  breathe some country air and understand sometimes getting there is half the fun. And if you can throw something in the donation bucket to preserve its future -- great.

This started as a roadside farm stand in 1889. Brad Peck and his wife have made it much more than that.

While goats seem to be the big attraction, you never know what you'll find.   Real alligators, hungry little prairie dogs, take your pick -- the animals are everyhere. And every one of them is cute.  

Peck's is open four and a half, five months a year. They open early June, close sometime after Halloween, but the animals, they eat all year round and that can get expensive. That's why donations really can help out. But here at Peck's, it's not just about the money, it's about a lifestyle.

"You know I think it is important," Brad Peck says. "It hits the backbone of our country here. You try to raise your kids the way you were raised and teach them right from wrong. Have a little fun along the way."

And maybe, just maybe, you  teach them sometimes when you try getting from point a to point b as fast as you can, you miss a little bit of what makes america great.

Speeding along Highway 14 between Lone Rock and Spring Green means missing out on Peck's market -- where life, liberty and a hungry goat's pursuit of happiness is keeping three-year-old Brody Rider content for the afternoon.

And helping preserve something that many in a hurry have long since fogotten how to enjoy -- the small road side stop in rural America.

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