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The misunderstood art of belly dancing

Mahela, the belly dancer. Mahela, the belly dancer.

The art of belly dancing is often misunderstood.

Joe LaBarbera helps you move a little closer to understanding more about this 1,000-year-old, Middle Eastern, ethnic art form.

Belly dancing is performed at birthdays, weddings and spiritual celebrations.

The West has come to know belly dancing as the generic term for Middle Eastern dance.

It's been misunderstood for hundreds of years.

Mahela has studied belly dance for years and is now a teacher.

"People here in the United States and the West often are less familiar with belly dance as a legitimate art form, so what they see is a dancer who is wearing a bra and a belt and something to them that seems sort of scandalous," she explains.

However, to the dancer it's about being within the music and sharing that through movement.


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