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It's Your Money: Emergency-supply kits


As we've seen lately with floods, disasters can hit at any time.

So in tonight's It's Your Money report, how to put together a must-have emergency supply list to stay safe.

You'll be far more prepared for a disaster if you have an emergency-supply kit.    

"Every home should have an emergency supply kit, stored inside of a water-resistant container," Good Housekeeping Product Analyst Christina Petersen says.  "You should have three gallons of water for each family member, canned foods like ready-made soups, tuna fish, and also have a manual can opener.   Have a flashlight with extra batteries and a battery operated radio, or, better yet, a hand-cranked one.   If the power goes out, just crank the handle to recharge the batteries.   And a fully stocked first-aid kit.   Store everything inside the bin and place it inside a closet."      

You may also want to pack a backpack for each family member, in case you need to evacuate. Stuff it with: a blanket, a thin raincoat, several layers of clothing, sturdy shoes, a large bottle of water and energy snacks for at least a day.

"When you do your spring cleaning, remember to remove or replace any expired items or clothing that doesn't fit," Petersen says. 

It's a good idea to check your emergency kit once a year to see if you need to replace expired food, water or batteries.   

And you should replace your smoke detectors at least once every 10 years, to be sure they're still in good working order.    



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