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A rare look inside Larry Elliott's secret studio


Larry Eliott is arguably Madison's most prolific artist. His paintings are world famous and he's studied along side the masters.

He is exceptionally private. Only his students and close friends ever see the inside of his home or private studio. That changes right now when 27 News goes inside this creative genius' studio. 

Larry Elliott is beyond philosophical.

If you want a peek inside his noggin, spend some time in his Madison home.

You won't find a computer or a cell phone.

He has no internet access or e-mail. Larry doesn't even own a computer.

"The point is, if I had a computer or anything of the kind it would ruin me," he jokes.

Larry is interested in one thing above all else - his art.

He's a product of the 60's. If you didn't know better you would swear he was feeling the after effects of some kind of 60's binge - a mistake his students often make.

"They come in and they look at certain paintings, not that they're that wild, but they look at certain paintings and they think you must have done drugs and I say, no...uh, creativity doesn't have to come from that source, for cryin' out loud. It comes from some other inner source that's truly more exciting," Larry explains.

Larry Elliott's paintings are in prestigious galleries around the world.

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