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The MDA campers


Every year, dozens of young people head to a special summer camp in southeastern Wisconsin. 

It's the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp. 

And, as we approach the annual Labor Day Telethon, we wanted to show you the experience and memories your donations help create. 

The simple, singular excitement of catching a fish - it's not something the kids at MDA Summer Camp take for granted.

MDA Summer Camp is the highlight of the year for many of these kids, not to mention the well-deserved break it gives parents and caregivers.  

For some campers, it's an opportunity that brings them out of their shells - not that they all need it.

"Hello, my name is Emma Farley and I'm awesome and I wanted everybody to know that," camper Emma Farley says.  "MDA Camp is the best thing ever."

Bella Sobah of Madison has been coming to MDA Summer Camp for almost ten years.

"Everyone has a good spirit, you can be yourself, not worry that you're in a wheelchair with a disability and you can just have fun," Bella says.

MDA Summer Camp is more like other summer camps than you might think.   The kids play hard, and they make memories that will last a lifetime.

"It's nice to see your friends and you can do a lot of stuff like Harley riding, swimming and spending time with friends you don't get to see a lot," MDA Goodwill Ambassador Annie Heathcote says.

This Annie's third year at summer camp.

It's already become one of her favorite parts of the year.

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