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It's Your Money: Saving at the grocery store


Going to the supermarket can be expensive these days.  

But in tonight's It's Your Money report, you can save on food costs without skimping on taste.

How'd you like to save $70 a week on groceries? Good Housekeeping says: economize and substitute, starting with whole grains.

"There are no better budget stretchers than dried beans, whole grains, and rice," Susan Westmoreland Food Director Good Housekeeping Institute says. "These are high in protein, low in fat and calories and fiber rich, and they all come under a dollar a pound when you buy them in dried form.   Here we have some red beans and rice.   We have some soaked kidney beans, some celery, some bell pepper and a couple of slices of bacon to add a nice, smokey flavor.   This is an easy way to stretch and it uses half a pound of beans."    

Instead of buying a supermarket rotisserie chicken for seven dollars, Good Housekeeping suggests roasting your own bird for 99 cents a pound.

"Value cuts of meat like beef chuck roast and pork shoulder are really terrific," Westmoreland says.  "They're between three and five dollars a pound, sometimes less when they're on special, and with some tender, slow, long cooking they become mouth-wateringly delicious.   They feed a crowd for a small amount of money and make great left-overs."  

And Good Housekeeping says you'll save a bundle by avoiding impulse trips to the supermarket.

Shoppers tend to spend 54 percent more on impulse buys.

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