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A hard choice for parents: work or stay home


MADISON (WKOW) --  After 3 years of working a full time job, and being a full time mom, 27 News Reporter Kim Sveum says something in her life needed to change.

"It was not an easy decision for me, I love my job, and I love my kids, but I no longer felt like I could do it all."

So, starting this week, Sveum will be working just part time here at 27 news.

She will no longer be anchoring the 5 o'clock news, instead she'll be producing our regular Parenting Project reports.

"I am so thrilled to be given the opportunity to continue working at a place I love, but more importantly, I am thrilled that I get to spend a lot more time with my kids at home." says Sveum.

And for anyone out there in this same situation, deciding between working full time, part time or staying home, the experts have some good news, and some bad news..

The good news, there is no one right answer.

The bad news, there is no one right answer.

Amy Hottman is like millions of americans, her day at the office starts early, around 8:00 am.

She then works until at least 5:00 pm.

But when Amy leaves the office, she begins her second full time job.

But when the lights go out, and the office door closes, Amy is off to her second full time job, that of mother.

Plenty of kisses and sports games fill her evening hours.

But the mother of a 6 year old Kade and two month old Carly admits after the second child arrived she started to wonder if she was doing the right thing.

"I think it was a reality check that wow, this is a lot to handle. How am I going to make this work?", says Hottman.

She says she feels the pressure of having a full time job and being a parent, and sometimes worries she isn't giving enough to both.

"I guess when I come home and I see them it makes you think, oh gosh, how do i go, how do i keep doing this."

"I think it is almost universal that moms feel guilt about all the demands placed on their time." says Dr. Heather Rainwater from St. Mary's Hospital.

She has this to say to moms deciding between working full time, working part time or staying home..

"There is not one right way that everyone should be parenting, but there is definitely a right way for each family."

Dr. Rainwater says parents need to take time to make an informed decision, and take into account the following: what your decision will mean for the entire family, what your decision will mean for your finances, and access to health insurance.

Also take into account your child's development and temperament, your temperament, and make sure you really consider what your job means to you.

For financial reasons, and because Amy is not quite ready to give up her career, her family has decided she'll continue working for the time being.

And Dr. Rainwater can put to rest any guilt amy may have about doing both.

"We know that children do really well when they are loved and supported by consistent adults."

That can be love from parents, grandparents and even care givers.

Though amy has decided to work, she works hard never to bring her work home, because that is time for the kids.

Again the decision to stay home or work is a very personal one, and people have strong feelings about both, but Dr. Rainwater says once you have decided what is best for your family, go with it, and don't compare your decision to others who made a different decision.

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