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Madison moms question if Palin can balance Washington politics and family


MADISON (WKOW) -- Sarah Palin has faced fierce scrutiny not only for her short political resume, but also because she is a working mom.

Palin is a self-described "hockey mom" of five.

Kris Hammargren is a member of the Madison social group "Madtown Moms" and says it's tough enough balancing work and family without adding the pressure of Washington politics.

She emphasizes it doesn't matter if your a man or woman - family should come first.

"As a working mom myself, I was surprised at her acceptance of the nomination. With a large family and a child with special needs, the job of VP is very demanding and not forgiving and that's a tough choice to make for your family," Hammargren explains.

Hammargren believes pickin Palin was a ploy by the G.O.P to win over women voters and disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters.  She calls it patronizing.

Palin has publicly thanked Hillary Clinton for putting some cracks in America's glass ceiling.  "The women of America aren't finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all," Palin recently stated.

Hammargren says she not only questions Palin's nomination for VP, she was also concerned when John Edwards continued to run despite finding out his wife had breast cancer.

A recent USA Today poll shows only 39% of voters polled think Palin is ready to serve as president if needed.

That's compared to 57% who believe Democrat Joe Biden is prepared for the oval office.

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