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United Ethanol addresses emissions concerns

United Ethanol in Milton hopes a new piece of equipment prevents emissions problems in the future.

The plant has been open since 2007 and it admits a test in October revealed its nitrous oxide emissions were high.  That was due to an equipment malfunction.  United Ethanol says that problem was fixed days later. The plant is now replacing that equipment altogether to prevent future problems. Still, residents near the plant are concerned about potential health risks the plant poses.

There has also been concern that the DNR is allowing united ethanol to test itself for compliance. The plant says that is not the case. All its testing is done by a third party firm approved by the DNR.

According to the EPA, nitrous oxide could trigger respiratory problems for some people.  However, OSHA does not regulate workers' exposure to it.

Milton's mayor says he wrote a letter to the DNR asking it to conduct air-quality tests near the plant to ensure residents' safety.  He's asking for a reply within two weeks.

Online Reporter: Bill Osmulski, bosmulski@wkowtv.com


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