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UW-Whitewater student competes to be a reporter at the World Series

Lane Kimble and Joe LaBarbera at UW-Whitewater Lane Kimble and Joe LaBarbera at UW-Whitewater

A UW-Whitewater student is one of 48 people in the country who is one step closer to getting on the field during the 2008 World Series.  Lane Kimble entered a contest to showcase his skill as a reporter.  Now he is at the mercy of online judges who determine if he moves on or stays home.

Lane Kimble is a student sportscaster hoping to make a jump to the big leagues.  When the UW-Whitewater sophomore entered a national Rookie Reporter Sweepstakes, he never believed his video would be among the finalists, giving him a shot at attending the World Series.

"Whether it's the Brewers or not, just the treat of being able to be on America's biggest stage, it's America's pastime," said Kimble. "It's a game I grew up loving to watch. And then to be able to actually interview a coach for a national media source, it's a dream come true."

Not only is Lane the sole representative from the UW-Whitewater campus, he's the only representative from Wisconsin or Minnesota.  When he's not heading for class or doing a ball game, he's at the campus TV station, working late or alone on special projects.  His ultimate goal is a real television job, but for now he'll settle for a win in the Rookie Reporter Sweepstakes and a trip to the World Series.

There are roughly 10,000 students at the Whitewater campus, but hundreds of thousands of people across the country with the same goals as Kimble.  Many entered this contest. Not all of them are students.

"There's people of all ages, actually primarily older people," he said.  "Old farts like you," he tells 27 feature reporter Joe LaBarbera, "who are part of this contest, but I'm one of the few college age kids and not a lot of us get to go to a World Series, let alone interview a player or a coach after one of the games."

"It's up to the voters nationwide to vote me in to get into the World Series and actually get to do an interview there," he adds.

Lane Kimble hopes he'll be able to make the move from his campus station to the national stage this fall, even if it's only for one game.  If he doesn't win, that's okay too. He feels right at home in the booth at Perkins Stadium in Whitewater.

Lane finds out the end of this month if he makes it to the World Series.

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