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It's Your Money: Dealing with health care costs


These days, we're all feeling the pinch of rising health costs and looking for ways to save.  

We have some ideas from the Good Housekeeping experts in tonight's It's Your Money report.

One way to lower your health costs is to go to free health screenings in a van, like the Walgreen's Take Care Health Tour. 

"Blood pressure should be 120 over 80, so that's good.   You're right in that range."  Jim Burke, Walgreen's District Manager, says. "They have a body mass index.   They have waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol."   

And Good Housekeeping says with generic drugs instead of brand names, you can save up to 52%.   

"And now there's another reason to go generic.  You can fill your prescription at one of the big box retailers like Costco or Wal-Mart or Target for as little as $4.00 for a month's supply, and that includes popular drugs like generic Zocor, Prozac, even Clomid," Good Housekeeping Health Editor Toni Hope says. 

If you take prescription Clarinex for allergies, ask about over-the-counter Loratadine, which could save 110 dollars for thirty tablets.  And if you're starting a new drug regiment, see if your doctor can give you a starter kit to test before buying a month's worth.

If you take the same prescription medications regularly, ask your doctor if he can write a prescription for a three-month supply.

That way, you'll make only one co-pay instead of three and save some money.     



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