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Giving back in Brodhead


BRODHEAD (WKOW) -- Sue Welch is a retired school teacher who still spends plenty of time with students. 

The Brodhead woman is on the school board, involved in local charities and still finds time to run kids around town -- other people's kids. 

Welcome to Brodhead, Wisconsin - population 3,068.   For a moment we need to forget about 3,067 of those who live in this town that's filled with old-world charm.

You need to look closely at one of the persons who live here.

Her name is Sue Welch.

The retired teacher helps almost every day at the elementary school, with after school projects at her church, and even cheers on those she helps at sporting events.

She's on the school board.

She even helped these kids raise over $1000 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Those who know her best say she's an outstanding woman with a big heart making a huge difference in Brodhead.

"It is true that I do those things. But I don't do them for me, I just do them because I wanna give back  to other people," Sue Welch says.  

Friends say the flowers here a little brighter and the grass a little greener because of Sue's giving nature.

"I've been blessed with a lot of things, and I wanna show that love back," Sue says. 

Sue understands that sometimes there are just too many rainy days in the lives of young people here in Brodhead.

Sue is just like the canopy that keeps the sidewalk dry, only she keeps the kids out of the rain while she points them in the right direction.  She knows it really is making a difference.

"When you go to a ball game and you see a kid that you've worked with in an after school reading and he walks by on the bleachers and then he goes, turns his head and goes, 'hey, I know you!' And so you know that somebody really is paying attention to what you say," Sue says.  "If they learn one thing from me, I hope it's to share and to love others."

Just as this sprinkler nourishes the grass, Sue Welch gives the young people of Brodhead what they need to grow.

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