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Joe's Journeys

Farewell to one of Fitchburg's finest


FITCHBURG (WKOW) -- Joan Mohr is a fixture at the Fitchburg recreation department. She's a great athlete, fabulous teacher and unbelievable with children.

Joan Mohr has made a lot of friends through the years, but now it's time to move on.

In tonight's Joe's Journeys, she shares the reasons why as she says goodbye to the recreation programs she's been running for so long.

This is the end of an era. The Joan Mohr era. For two decades she's been helping young people better understand the game of tennis and the game of life.

Joan is retiring as the Fitchburg Recreation Director.  Parents love her.

"She is an exceptional tennis coach," parent Connie Smith says.  "She teaches with passion. She gives kids confidence. She makes it so fun for them. I do not know any child that does not love her tennis class.  My kids have signed up for every single class she has ever offered. We've never missed them and we don't want her to go."

Joan remembers the day she started -- September 12, 1988.

While the faces of those on the tennis court have changed in that time, her outlook on life has not.

"I have a handicapped brother," Joan says.  "I need to spend more time with him. After my mom died like 14 years ago, I became in charge of him.  He's evelopmentally disabled and I just thought, 'You know what? He needs to have fun too.' He cant walk or talk so, I thought maybe I could do that with my life now too, go out and help handicapped people."

Joan believes work needs to be fun.

"You can't just go through life just going to work, and coming home and saying, 'That's good enough, I'm making a salary.'" Joan says.  "I don't wanna do that. My life, it's gottabe fun and thats why I wanted to work with the kids. That's what brought me fun."

This is more than just goodbye for these people. It's more than just thank you.

This is a way to show appreciation for two decades of sharing a little knowledge about tennis and a lot of know how about life.

Life that will go on even without that familiar face that so many have come to love here in Fitchburg.

The ball will now roll into someone else's court as the Joan Mohr era comes to end in Fitchburg. 


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