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Governor Doyle announces $7.3 million in clean energy funding

Madison (WKOW) -- From the Governor's Office:  Governor Jim Doyle announced Tuesday $7.3 million in grants and loans from the Wisconsin Energy Independence Fund (WEIF) for research and development and commercialization or adoption of new technologies.

  These awards will leverage $44.2 million in investments and create new jobs for Wisconsin families on farms, in forests, in research labs and for manufacturers.

"From manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels to retro-fitting fuel pumps and exploring the latest clean technologies, our future lies in seizing green opportunities that will create good jobs for our citizens and add billions of dollars to our economy," Governor Doyle said.

  "Today we are awarding more than $7 million in grants and loans to companies that are committed to expanding Wisconsin's clean energy industry. "

  Governor Doyle made the announcement at Greenstone Technologies in Madison.

  Eight Madison-area projects totaling $2,498,000 are receiving funding.

  Greenstone is using $250,000 to develop a working prototype of a solar window.

  Eligible applicants for the grants and loans include businesses and researchers. 

  Projects require a 50-percent match. 

  Governor Doyle will announce the remaining statewide grants in the coming days.

  The Wisconsin Energy Independence Fund is an integral part of Clean Energy Wisconsin, Governor Doyle's strategy to strengthen Wisconsin's energy future.

  This comprehensive plan moves Wisconsin forward by promoting renewable energy, creating new jobs, increasing energy security and efficiency, and improving the environment.

  Since coming into office, Governor Doyle has worked to make Wisconsin a leader in renewable energy. 

  n 2007, Governor Doyle created the Office of Energy Independence to promote efforts to reduce dependence on foreign oil and advance renewable energy initiatives. 

  Governor Doyle's plan for energy independence includes: Generating 25 percent of our electricity and 25 percent of the fuels for our cars and trucks from renewable sources by the year 2025; capturing 10 percent of the market share for renewable energy and bioproducts, and utilizing Wisconsin's tremendous capability for research to become the country's leader in making alternative energies more affordable and available to all.

A summary of Madison-area funded projects is as follows:

Steinbine Development LLC, Deerfield, Dane County,  $55,000

  Established in 2007, Steinbine Development LLC develops and manages small hydroelectric plants throughout the country.  It is working on an innovative impulse turbine to recover unutilized hydropower resources.  It will use its grant to evaluate the turbine's efficiency and life cycle. 

Virent Energies, Inc.,  Madison, Dane County, $500,000 Grant and $500,000 Loan

  Virent Energies, Inc. (Virent) is continuing to develop an innovative technique for generating biofuels and bioproducts from carbohydrates in biomass.  Virent will receive $1 million to design, build, and operate a pilot production plant capable of producing up to 10,000 gallons of bio-gasoline per year.

SolRayo LLC,  Madison, Dane County,  $250,000 Grant

  SolRayo LLC focuses on new nanotechnology-based materials for energy-storage applications. The company was founded in 2006.  It will commercialize a new material that will cut cost and increase the electrical energy storage of ultra-capacitors, making wind and solar energy more practicable for utility use.

C5-6 Technologies, Inc., Middleton, Dane County, $350,000 Grant

  C5-6 Technologies, Inc. was spun out from Lucigen Corporation in 2006 to develop and commercialize enzymes for biofuel production.   It will use its grant to develop a group of new enzymes designed to significantly increase ethanol yield in current corn ethanol plants.

Silatronix, Inc., Madison, $243,000 Grant

  Silatronix, Inc. is a start-up company founded to develop a new electrolyte component for use in lithium ion batteries and ultra capacitors.  It will use its grant to develop expertise in clean energy engineering and business development to advance the company's technology platform. 

GreenStone Technologies LLC, Madison, $250,000 Grant

  GreenStone Technologies LLC is a start-up company working to develop and commercialize building-integrated, photovoltaic products using solar cell technology, specifically skylights and windows.  The company will use its grant to develop a working prototype of a solar window.

Great Lakes Ag Energy LLC,  Fitchburg, $250,000 Grant

  Great Lakes Ag Energy LLC has been a green energy developer and consultant to the biofuels industry since 2005.  It will use its grant to perfect the conversion of agricultural residues, byproducts, and wood biomass to nano-porous cellulose for conversion to biofuel.

Bio-Energy & Environment LLC, Madison, $100,000 Grant

  Bioenergy & Environmental LLC provides various services in connection with the design and development of biogas energy and environmental solutions. It will use its grant to help fund both research into algae growth and production variables and the development of a small prototype "closed reactor" cultivation plant. 

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