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National Weather Service reviews positives during June floods

JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Emergency workers in southern Wisconsin gather to talk about how a website helped them get through a crisis.

On Wednesday representatives from the National Weather Service collected feedback from southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois county officials.  Emergency officials from those counties say the weather service's website helped them keep on top of changing conditions during the summer storms.

That information helped them coordinate efforts like sand baggind and area evacuations. The weather service says it took an enormous effort keeping the site up and current. Information had to be collected, analyzed and then loaded onto the site. Today, it heard what it did right and what needs to be improved.

"We're giving that information to people who are literally right on, literally touching the water and trying to help their local communities. So it's gratifying to get that positive feedback back that we were doing most things right," explained Steve Buan, from the National Weather Service.

County emergency workers say the website also helped a lot of residents in the community stay on top of the situations in their neighborhoods.

The Rock county emergency coordinator says one thing Janesville plans on doing to help the weather service is install another water gauge so it can get more precise readings during flooding.

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