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CONSUMER ALERT: Authorities warning public about asphalt scam

The Dane County Sheriff's Department is warning the public about a scam.

Over the last ten days, asphalters have been going door to door in neighborhoods in Middleton offering residents a deal.

"They approach you saying they have extra materials and they're going to do a little fix up work on your property," says Dane County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Elise Schaffer.

The say they are going to fill holes and cracks in your driveway for free.

"Of course the property owner thinks they're getting a great deal so they agree to this. Before you know it, the group is completely resurfacing their whole driveway and left the bill," Schaffer says.

Detectives say two people have been victims to the scam in Middleton.

In the process of the investigation, The Dane County Sheriff's Department has arrested 20-year-old Steve V. Williams of Waterford Conneticut.

Authorities say he is the owner of one of the asphalt/paving companies working illegally in Wisconsin.

They are still looking for information on two companies in the area- one goes by the name Highway Paving and the other is called Young Paving.

The Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection receives about a half dozen calls each year around this time about black top scams.

They offer these tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

-Only use contractor you contacted yourself.

-If you are unsure about a company's reputation, contact the Wisconsin Office of Consumer Protection, they can often tell you if they've received complaints about that company.

-If a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is.

if you have been approached or had business dealings with either of these companies is asked to call detective Wayne Honer (608) 284-6844 or Detective Linda Pederson-Honer (608) 284-6845


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