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Federal Grant on the way to Rock County

A federal grant could help the Janesville area get back on track after a series of massive layoffs.

Forward Janesville says it will be recieving a $450 thousand grant over three years to help promote job growth in the area.

The group applied for the grant in June shortly after GM announced it would be closing the assembly plant there.  Forward Janesville says the money will be used almost exclusively for job growth.  That could mean marketing the area to outside companies, fostering growth among local businesses, or assisting entrepenuers in getting off the ground.

"We're very open minded to make a play on a variety of industries, although it might make sense, with limited resources, to do some targeting," says John Beckord, Forward Janesville President.

Meanwhile the Rock County Job Center is doing what it can to retrain laid off workers. More than 300 are now enrolled in tech and college classes. The job center expects another 300 next semester.

It will soon be recieving a different grant for $ 3.9 million to help pay tuition costs.

The job center says all that training will help make the workforce even more attractive to potential businesses, which will help forward Janesville market the area.

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