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Come 'Zumba' with us

A Zumba class taking place at Con Safos restaurant in McFarland. A Zumba class taking place at Con Safos restaurant in McFarland.

The Con Safos restaurant typically sits quiet on a Monday night.  No cars in the parking lot and no food served inside its restaurant.  Add a little music, though, and Monday night just got a whole lot hotter.

The restaurant hosts something called Zumba.  It's a Latin dance and exercise rolled into one fun time.  Jill Budde and Joe Lee are your instructors.  While Budde shakes her booty, Lee is equally fluid with his movements.

Loosely translated, 'zumba' in Spanish means to have fun and to move fast.  It came to the U.S. in 1999, but Madison is just getting it's first real taste now.  Apparently it's mostly women catching the buzz.

"The guys will be here," insists Budde.  "They're not here tonight, but I think particularly in the United States in our culture they haven't heard how fun and great dancing is.  This is truly for everybody.  You will start to see more and more guys because they will feel success in the Zumba where they might not have in other dance classes."

The key is not looking at this as a dance class at all.  For five bucks these people are turning this into a fun class.  You'll start seeing more guys when they begin realizing Zumba breaks the stereotypical aerobics template of being a girl thing.

Zumba might be new to you but it's already received the approval of the American Council on Exercise and other accrediting organizations.  Plus programs like this have arlready been sanctioned in at least seven countries.

A busy dance floor on a night when Con Safos would typically be closed is music to the ears of its owners, who loved the entire concept.

"Really it's aerobics with Latin American music," said the restaurant's co-owner Cornelio 'Coaky' Aquilera.  "It's through Latin American dance instruction that these people are doing exercise. So it just seemed like a natural fit.  Of course we were going to open our doors to them as well."

This is the kind of music you might expect to hear at Con Safos, a typical music hotbed and authentic restaurant for the latino community.  Now... everybody feels a little latino.

It seems getting in shape has finally gotten fun.  "Zumba sets the heart free and it lets it loose," said Lee.  "It's much more of a party feel than it is a routine feel."

"Just uses the rhythym and pulse of the music so that even people with two left feet can find success in a Zumba class," said Budde.

That's provided they can find their way to Con Safos in McFarland on a Monday night.

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