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Assembly Democrats: plan for economic change

America's economy is in trouble and people need leaders on both the state and national level to step up and address this crisis.  Even though this panic started on Wall Street, the real pain is being felt on Main Street which is why the State of Wisconsin must also be a part of the solution.

            Assembly Democrats understand this problem and will be part of the solution.  Today Assembly Democrats announced that fixing the economy will be their top priority in the next legislative session and they unveiled their plan to help get Wisconsin's economy back on track.

Invest in Green Jobs for Wisconsin

Wisconsin citizens currently spend more than $20 billion every year on energy, with the vast majority of the money going to other states and countries.  Assembly Democrats are supporting a plan to generate 25 percent of our energy from renewable sources by the year 2025 and have 10 percent of those renewable fuels come from right here in the Badger State.  Capturing 10 percent of the renewable market will generate billions each year for our state's economy and create nearly 20,000 green jobs.


  • $30 million for Energy Independence Grant and Loan Program -- In his FY 2007-09 biennial budget Governor Doyle proposed spending $30 million on renewable energy.  Assembly Republicans cut that number in half.  Democrats will get our state back to where it should be in adequately funding renewable energy grants that produce green jobs. [JFC motion A1 to paper 210, 5/10/07]


  • 25 percent renewable energy research and development tax credit - The renewable energy industry represents the jobs of the future for Wisconsin.  The state should be supporting companies who are investing in creating these jobs that will fuel the future of our state's economy. Green jobs that create clean energy right here in the Badger state will not only strengthen our economy but will protect our environment as well.

Keep Jobs in Wisconsin and America


We need to start investing in America again: in small businesses and emerging industries; in public education and technical schools; and in new energy sources that create jobs and free us from our dependence on foreign oil.  We must continue to do more to ensure that the jobs we do have stay here and continue to train our workforce so we can capture good paying high-tech jobs. 


  • American Jobs Act - Prohibits the state from granting contracts to companies who send jobs overseas.  We need to stop rewarding corporations that send our jobs overseas and provide incentives to responsible companies who pay living wages and good benefits to American workers.  Republicans had the chance to pass this bipartisan bill last session but voted to kill the bill. [AB 307, 2/26/08]


  • Double funding for the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program - This successful program provides assistance to Wisconsin businesses so they can continue to train their workforce to compete in the global economy.  The program has already trained more than 20,000 Wisconsin workers and Assembly Democrats plan to double its budget to a total of $3 million.

Make Life More Affordable for Middle Class Families

America's middle class is falling behind.  Parents are working harder than ever just to keep up with the cost of living.  They are working longer hours and seeing their kids less and less and still falling behind.  American workers are more productive than ever but never see the benefits.  CEO salaries skyrocket while workers wages remain flat.  We need an economy that works for the people who work for a living.

  • Enforce existing anti-gouging law - In 2006 Wisconsin passed a tough, bipartisan anti-gouging law to prohibit retailers from raising the price of goods by more than 10 percent during natural disasters or national emergencies.  Republicans and their special interest contributors are now trying to undo the rule in order to allow retailers to raise prices by 25 percent next time there is a hurricane. [Assembly Judiciary and Ethics Committee, 9/10/08]


  • Wall Street Accountability Act -- Middle class families are shouldering more of the tax burden while oil companies and giant corporations who make millions in our state aren't paying their fair share.  The Wall Street Accountability Act will bring transparency to the tax debate by requiring the oil companies and big businesses that make money in Wisconsin to disclose exactly which taxes they pay and which ones they don't pay.  Republicans had the opportunity to pass this important reform earlier this year but voted to kill the bill. [AB 751, 2/26/08]


"Assembly Democrats are ready to take the lead on improving the economy in Wisconsin and helping families at a time of increased cost of living.  Where Republicans have failed we will lead and deliver for Wisconsin families," said Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison).

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