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Walgreen's accused of promoting binge drinking on campus


(WKOW-TV) Two prominent government officials tonight are calling on a local Madison business to take down a display they think promotes college binge drinking.  

Dane County Exec. Kathleen Falk and UW Dean of Students Lori Berquam told 27 News they're disappointed with the Walgreen's on campus.  

The new Walgreen's in the University Square complex on campus has a display with plastic cups and ping pong balls.   Students say it's clearly for the popular drinking game beer pong. 

To play, students on opposing teams throw ping pong balls into cups full of beer and chug.   

"This is the life of a college student," said one of Walgreen's student customers, who says nearly everyone he knows plays the game at one time or another.  

"[The display in Walgreen's] sends the wrong message to young people," said Falk.  This comes one day after she called for $250,000 to combat alcoholism in Dane County.   "The danger for them doing that is just so enormous."  

UW Dean of Students Lori Berquam is also calling for a change.   "I'm disappointed," she said.   Berquam told us she reached out to the store manager and the two agreed to talk.

Walgreen's corporate office in Chicago told 27 News no one has complained to them, and until someone formally contacts them, they don't plan to look into the situation.  

The new University Square building is partially owned by the UW.  

Beer pong, of course, is perfectly legal for students of drinking age. 

There weren't any signs or indications that Walgreen's connects the ping pong balls and cups to drinking in the display itself.  However, the store doesn't even currently sell ping pong paddles.  

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