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Car Seat Safety Challenge


Madison (WKOW) -- This week is National Passenger Awareness Week, and one of the most important jobs a parent has is keeping their kids safe while riding in a car.

Proper use of a car seat helps, but research shows many parents don't have the seats installed correctly.

80 percent of people don't install them correctly, that's 4 out of 5 car seats not installed right.

And we know that proper installation is key.

Jim Savage of American Family Children's Hospital says, "We know that from research and statistics that car seats reduce the rist of serious injury by 80 percent."

So as part of Child Passenger Safety Week, the American Family Children's Hospital played host to the first car seat safety challenge.

Nan Peterson of the Safe Kids Coalition says, "Our goal with the challenge this morning is to remind parents and care givers of the importance of correctly using seats. We know they work best when correctly used."

A representative from each Madison television station was on hand.

To see how we did, just click on the video icon.

The experts say the two biggest mistakes people make are the seat itself not being secure enough, and the harness being too loose on the child.

"Probably the two most important things we can tell parents are to read the manual and read the safety section of the vehicle manual.", according to Savage.

Along with reading the manual, experts say you should make sure the seat is installed tightly, and that the harness fits the child snuggly.

You should not be able to move the seat more than one inch in any direction.

Never place a rear facing car seat in the front seat of a vehicle, especially one that has a front passenger air bag.

A car seat check up will be held in Sun Praire on Tuesday, Sept. 30th.



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