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Women in Janesville School District Get Aggressive


Women in the Janesville School District are taking a stand against sexual assault.

The district is participating in a pilot program called SAFE that teaches women how to stand up to dangerous situations.

The program has been around the community for a number of years.  This year the district is taking directly to its teachers and staff.

Police say safe teaches women more about being coonfident and aggressive than how to actually fight back.  They say that's usually all it takes to difuse a situation. 

The district says one teacher already learned that first hand.  Just one day after taking the course, a teenager started following around a store.

"When she realized what was happening, she turned and just looked him just full in the face, right in the eye.  I'm not sure even had to say anything at that point," explained Karen Shulte, director of student services, who initiated the pilot program.

The course also teaches basic self-defense techniques just in case things do get out of hand.

The Janesville School District says right now it's only testing the safe program at the high schools, but other schools are already showing an interest.

Next semester, the district will open the course up to female students as well.

The SAFE program is not exclusive to the janesville schools.  The police department also works with Mercy Systems to offer it to the general public.

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