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Citizens protest bank bailout


Madison (WKOW) -- About two dozen people took to the streets in Madison Thursday, protesting the bank bailout plan.

Protesters say they're fed up with the federal government. They feel far removed from what's happening in Washington, and say these rallies are the only they can make their voices heard.

Dozens of cars driving south on Park Street relayed the message through their horns. They honked for economic justice, protesting the government's proposed bank bailout.

"I feel a frustration with what's happening in the government," said Van Handel of Cottage Grove. "It needs to change."

In the shadow of the state capitol, a dozen other people argued against what they consider a free pass for banks and lenders.

"Wall Street people are the people who put us in this predicament," said Ken Sabroff of Madison. "They're the same people that got us here, and now we're going to pay them to runaway."

"We should be looking very carefully at the needs of the people," said Lana Chandler of Verona. "If we're going to bail someone out let's not bail out the ones who have done us wrong."

The protesters said they'd rather see the $700 billion spent on healthcare, education, and foreclosure relief.

"Bridges are crumbling, infrastructure is gone, and we're paying people on Wall Street billions of dollars to do it all again," said Sabroff.

And with mounting American debt, they feel lawmakers are making a rash decision in an election year.

"I feel that we're being rushed into this," said Handel. "It's a very complex issue. I don't have solutions for it."

Said Sabroff, "It's like selling cars...'this one's going to be gone tomorrow,'...but it's really not. I think we're getting a raw deal."

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