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Candlelight ceremony for murder victims


Madison (WKOW) -- A candle light vigil was held in recognition of the 2nd Annual National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims at Madison West High School.

Among the many quotes on what's called, The Path of Voices, is one that reads, "He died with a hole in his heart."

It means a lot to Sharon Starkey because it's about her son.

"Our son Mark was born with a hole in his heart, and when he was five years old he had open heart surgery to fix it," Starkey says.

When Mark turned 21, he was shot and killed in Madison. He died with a hole in his heart.

The murder happened 18 years ago. Now Sharon uses the candle light ceremony at Madison West High School to lend her support to families who have gone through similar tragedies.

"I think this is one time you can say to somebody, I understand, I understand," Starkey says.

Bill Swanson's son was killed in Verona back in 2003.

He says another purpose of tonight's candle light ceremony is to bring the attention back to the victims.

"We forget about the victims, they're nameless and faceless and sometimes the perpetrator gets all the publicity and seems to have all the rights in court and we can't forget the victims," Swanson says.

Marie Fountain lit a candle in honor of her daughter Lizzette who was killed by her boyfriend in 2002.

The last time she told her daughter she loved her was at Thanksgiving that year, above a picture of Lizzette on a memorial is a message from her mother for all parents, family members and friends.

"Tell someone you love them, tell them again and again and again," Fountain says.

The Wisconsin Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children hold a support group every third Thursday of each month at Meriter Hospital.

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