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Fate of Rock River Dam in Question


A Rock River dam might crack under financial pressure.

The city of Janesvilles needs to decide whether to repair the Monterey Dam or just tear it down.

The city has fallen behind in the dam's upkeep, and after the flooding in June, the DNR took notice. The city estimates the cost of repairing the dam around $1.3 million. Tearing it down would only cost $300 thousand.

The damn didn't have any affect, good or bad, during the summer floods. It's downstream from the downtown and it's original purpose was to power a mill that no longer exists. The damn, however, has created one of the hottest fishing spots in Rock County, and officials know they have to consider that in any future plans.

"We'll have to weigh our options and see how much is it going to cost, how much do people want this. Just see what all our options are," explained Jack Messer, Janesville's public works director.

The department of public works just told the city about the problems with the dam this week.

The city council says there is no rush in making this decision right now repairing flood-damaged homes is a greater priority.

The department of public works says it will be conducting a study next year looking into the costs and benefits of the dam and will lay out some options for the city council to consider.

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