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Celebrating the "Geek" life

Geek.Kon 2008 took place at the UW-Madison campus this weekend. Geek.Kon 2008 took place at the UW-Madison campus this weekend.

Geeks of all ages came to UW-Madison this weekend to celebrate video games, and everything sci-fi.

Outside in the courtyard, they did a little medieval sword fighting.

Inside, they solved a Victorian murder mystery, using ultraviolet light to look at invisible ink.

"We have a saboteur who has disabled our ship, and they need to make sure that all of has have alibis and figure out who doesn't," said Kerry Dobbins, member of the Steam Century Mystery.

Think of the performance as the classic game "Clue" acted out by self proclaimed geeks. Speaking of board games, they were playing them too, European style.

"They're better, quicker, and more fun than Monopoly," said participant Nicole Fromm. "There's something especially fun about the tactile sense of touching the all little pieces and the interacting with your players face to face."

It's a lot louder down the hall, where video gamers rule. You'll find a maze of wires and consoles, where Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Playstation, and XBox aficionados are racking up the points.

Organizers say Geek.Kon offers a touch of nostalgia for everyone, even bringing out the kids in older gamers.

"We had a lot of people come in say, 'Oh wow! I haven't seen this in years.' And that's my drive for what I do," said gamer Josh Reiman."

Its a place for generational bonding as well. Many geeks are passing the controllers to their kids.

Said Reiman, "It's amazing. I can totally see that my son's going to be a geek just like me. He might even exceed me."

Geek.Kon was free of charge, and grew so much from last year, they had to use two buildings on campus to hold all of the exhibits.

Last year's event attracted more than 1,800 from the UW and around the midwest.

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