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Brewers fans gearing up for this week's playoffs


That noise you heard late Sunday afternoon was from much of the state going abuzz over the Milwaukee Brewers.

The team clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 26 years. Game 1 versus the Phillies takes place at 2 p.m. CT Wednesday in Philadephlia.  Game 3, the first to be played in Milwaukee, will be Saturday.

One day later, fans were filtering into any store that sells Brewers baseball apparel.  They grabbed anything from hats to shirts to flags.

UW Drew Raimer was shopping in the Wisconsin Active Sportswear store in West Towne Mall on Monday.  He still remembered the moment when the Brewers 3-1 win at Miller Park over the Cubs on Sunday, combined with a New York Mets loss put the Milwaukee in the playoffs.

"Me and my dad were in the basement, high fiving each other, jumping up and down," Raimer said.  "It was a pretty good moment for me."

Raimer is just 22 years old, so he wasn't even alive in 1982, the last time the Brewers made the playoffs.  Fellow shopper Jennifer Hansen was in high school back then. She said this past week was wild for her and her husband.  "We've been playing that Bruce Springstein song all week, 'Counting on a Miracle,' " she laughed.   "We were playing that all day yesterday, too."

We called about ten sports apparel stores in the area Monday.  The owners or managers told us they have been working frantically to get playoff Brewers gear in stock.  Some stores expected to have that by Monday evening. Many others said it would be on the shelves Tuesday.

Of course a lot has changed in 26 years. According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the average Brewers playoff ticket at the old County Stadium cost about $8.  Internet sites Craiglist and StubHub list tickets on sale for $200 - $400 a piece.  One posting on StubHub had a $1,000 asking price.

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau also issued a warning to anyone thinking of buying scalped playoff tickets.  Tips included to pay with credit cars, checks, or PayPal, which all include degrees of money-back guarantees compared with cash.  The BBB also suggested only buying from local sellers that you can meet in person, and writing down that sellers identification information.

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