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T-man Latz

Madison (WKOW) -- Tallan Latz is a rock guitar star who has already played the Chicago's House of Blues, Alpine Valley, Milwaukee's Pabst Theater, Summerfest and a host of national venues.

Tallan is a Wisconsin kid -- and our Joe LaBarbera has been tracking him down for months.

Finally this aging rock star was able to sit down and share the secret to his success.

  He even invited Joe to his private studio for a lesson.

  Tallan Latz is Someone You Should Know.

  His real name is Tallan Latz -- but please -- call this rock star T-man.

  He doesn't have a drivers license -- but he does have his own driver.

  And he's awfully tough to schedule an interview with.

  He's also just nine years old.

  You see -- the reason he's tough to get on camera is because we have to wait until after school.

  As soon as the car stops in the driveway, T-man heads for his studio.

  Tallan views this whole rock star lifestyle as no big deal.

  "He's just basically living the life of like a mini rock star where he's meeting all these people that he wouldn't be meeting otherwise, that he wouldn't be backstage with unless he played the guitar, but the way he looks at life is everybody does this," said Carl Latz, T-man's father.

  So who has he met and played with?

  Carl Latz said, "Les Paul, Jackson Brown, Walter Traut, Albert Cummings, Buddy Guy, Johnny Lange, and he's played a little bit in front of Kenny Wayne Shepherd."

  Tallan see it as something every kid does.

  In his mind he's much closer to 29 than he is to nine.

  T-man said, "to me when I get up on stage I feel like an adult. I'm in a whole 'nuther dimension when I get up on stage. When I come back off stage I'm just an ordinary kid who goes to go play video games."

  And watch the typical rock star tv shows...

  T-man said which shows he likes:  "Sweet Life of Zach and Cody, Scooby Doo...uh i like America's Got Talent."  

  He's got talent -- and 15 guitars to showcase it.

  He likes them all -- but plays one more than most others.

  It's the same thing as a strat --it has a whammy bar and it can go back and everything...

  It's the guitar he played on the national broadcast of the Bonnie Hunt Show.

  He's also played the Today Show on NBC.

  Not bad for a third grader --

  This kid has impressed the great ones -- Les Paul, Buddy Guy, Jackson Browne, leaving little doubt what he wants to do when he grows up.

  T-man said, "I wanna be a rock star, a blues star."

  Before he does that we've got one more challenge:  give Joe his first guitar lesson.

  Check out this weird quirk in Wisconsin law - T-man can go to a tavern with his parents and have a beer -- but he's not allowed to play guitar in a tavern because of child labor laws.

  That also rules out many festivals and events here in Wisconsin.

  He does play a number of events out-of-state and those states are ok with everything.

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