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UPDATE: Technical mishap stops phone services to city agencies

(WKOW) -- Updated 5:15pm- Madison city workers were not able to make or take phone calls for several hours today because of a cyber meltdown.

The city was making a routine upgrade to their main switch early this morning but used the wrong hardware.

The mistake caused the switch to shut down, which meant there was no phone service in and out of most city buildings downtown and no access to the network internally.

One of the most affected agencies was Metro, whose call center shares the same switch.

"They get a lot of calls on a daily basis, to find out what buses they need to take, how to buy tickets or whatever and they get upwards of 900 calls a day," says Dick Grasmick of Madison's Information Technology Department.

It took about seven hours to get services back up and running to the affected city agencies.



Madison (WKOW) -- As of Thursday morning, many of Madison city government's websites and phone systems are down.

  This includes the police and metro transit departments.

  Police officials say that it's a big collapse that affects their entire system.

  They have not yet tracked down the cause of the problem yet, and another hacker attack has not yet been ruled out.

UPDATE 10/02/08 2:15pm:  Madison officials say that service is slowly being restored.

  Their initial investigation cites server problems as the cause of service interruption.

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