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A wing, a prayer, and a parachute

Courtesy: Seven Hills Skydiving Club Courtesy: Seven Hills Skydiving Club

MARSHALL (WKOW) -- One by one they fall from the sky.  They jump from a single engine Cessna and float to the ground.  The age old question is why?

Why would anybody want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with the engine still running?  Ask jumper Greg Porter for a good reason, and he'll give you three.  "A lot of times they want to check the bucket list, they want to check they want to skydive before they die so they want to do it at least once," said Porter.  "You get your adrenaline junkies that come out, and they want to see what skydiving is all about and just the basic curiosity kind of brings people out and they want to know what it's all about."

They find out at the Seven Hills Skydiving Club. Porter has been jumping trouble free for years.  "People think skydiving is daredevil, and you're out on a wing and a prayer," he said. "Not true. Not true at all."

For these guys, skydiving is more than a sport.  It has become a way of life.

Chong Vang's recently took her second jump.  "It's beautiful from up there," she said.  "It's like flying a little bit."

Vang said she wanted to skydive since first coming to school in Madison four years ago.   "I'm graduating soon, so I thought I would come and give it a try before I leave," Vang said.

She has advice for those who believe skydiving is just too dangerous or too scary.  "You know, face your fears," she encouraged.  "I mean it's not that scary once you let go of the plane, and you slowly fall.  I guess the scary part is just going out of the plane, but after that it's not scary at all."

Just like the dedicated members of the Seven Hills Skydivers Club who have crossed skydiving off their bucket list long ago.  Members who love sharing their enthusiasm and excitement for skydiving.

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