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Flower power


Madison (WKOW) -- Flowers were used by ancient Romans for medicinal purposes.

  During World War II, lavender was used to prevent infections.

  Now, flowers are making a comeback in the world of skincare.

  Flowers can weather the harsh elements and keep their beautiful shape.

  But can they do the same for our skin?

  Dr. Jeanette Jacknin said, "floral extracts are wonderful for the skin because they're natural. They're non-toxic. They're complex; they have a hundred different components to them."

  Doctor Jeanette Jacknin wrote the book on the benefits of "greening" up your skin care.

  She added, "I definitely think botanicals are overlooked right now."

  Floral extracts can help many different skin ailments.

  Doctor Jacknin says roses can go way beyond the vase.

  She said, "it's also wonderful for dry, aging skin. And very good for acne rosacea because it works on the dilated capillaries and helps to shrink them down."

  Geranium extract is great for oily skin and works well on cellulite.

  Chamomile is a good anti-inflammatory.

  But Doctor Jacknin's top pick:  Lavender.

  She added, "lavender is huge for skin care. You can use it on almost any type of skin and it was originally discovered that it's great for burns, very healing."

  Terri Zimmerman uses jojoba and avocado oil, but agrees lavender is in a league of its own.

  Zimmerman said, "lavender seems to really have a lot of benefits."

  Terri's seen a big change in her skin since starting the extracts.

  She said, "it makes it soft and it's not really heavy, it's a very light feeling and so it doesn't bother me when i'm out in the heat using this product." '

  Which may mean a "blooming" business for flower-powered products in the future.

  Floral extracts can be found in some commercial products, but Doctor Jacknin says mixing the oils yourself can be very beneficial and it allows you to use your creativity.

  But there is a caution if you're pregnant:  don't use floral extracts -- and talk to your doctor before using a new product to avoid adverse reactions.

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