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Expert Rates Safety in Janesville Schools

The Janesville School District hopes it gets a passing grade when it comes to safety.

The school district brought in the national, go-to expert on school safety, Kenneth Trump to inspect its schools.

When the networks need to interview an expert after something like a school shooting or emergency evacuation, they go to Kenneth Trump. Fortunately trump had a much lighter assignment in Janesville Tuesday.

Trump is the president of a consulting firm. He meets with school districts around the country to review how safe and secure their schools are. Trump says Van Buren Elementary School is on the right track.

"One of the most common reasons schools across the country go into lock down, has nothing to do with an emergency in the school but with police activity or other type of emergency out in the neighborhood.   So the threat and the problem may not be directly inside the school but with issues going on in the broader school community," explained Trump.

Trump also talked with administrators about how well their schools might react to a natural disaster, fire, chemical spill, custody dispute, etc.

The Janesville School District is recieving a federal grant for a quarter of million dollars over the next three years to review and improve safety. That helped fund Trump's visit Tuesday.

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