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27 News Troubleshooter: Airline refunds


Madison (WKOW) -- The words "airline" and "refund" usually don't go together.  So we were skeptical at first when Sydney Kingsley of Madison called the 27 News Troubleshooter hotline asking for help getting her money back for three airline tickets she didn't want to use.

Then we heard Kingsley's reason.

Her daughter, Theresa, 42, passed away this spring. 

Kingsley and her daughter planned three summer vacations together flying United Airlines to New York, Denver, and San Francisco.  When Theresa died in May, naturally, plans changed.

"I didn't think I could take those trips... because Theresa wouldn't be there," said Kingsley.

But Kingsley said United Airlines was no help.

"They switched you from one department to one person... some people can hardly understand English.  I was so angry. I said I want to talk to your supervisor. They said 'we don't do that.'"

Well, United Airlines talked to 27 News.

Immediately after we contacted them, a spokesman said the airline will refund the ticket price to Kingsley's account. 

The airline said it deals with these situations on a case-by-case basis, but almost always gives the customer a full cash refund.  United claims some customers try to defraud the airline and lie about deaths or other excuses, so representatives ask for documentation of deaths.

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