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Preventing future flood disasters in Spring Green


Spring Green (WKOW) -- Prairie View Road in The Town of Spring Green is only open to local traffic, but there isn't much traffic passing through these parts anymore.

Homes are empty and have been that way since flood waters consumed them.

Jim Blau is on a list of homes in the area, applying for a buyout with the Feds. He is rebuilding his home, just in case his application falls through.

"It makes you want to cry, because I had a nice lawn and flower bed and now they're all gone," he says.

Down the street John Murphy gives us a tour of his home.

"Not sure if I want to take you down there without the mask because that's all mold," he says.

Mold covers the entire bottom level and much of the garage. He has to spray the area with chemicals just to go inside.

He and his girlfriend say there isn't much hope for their home but say officials need to do something.

"They have to. Some of these houses didn't get totally destroyed- they have to try to save those," Murphy says.

And the town is doing something. Working on a study that looks at what caused the waters to stay for so long and how to keep it from happening again.

That study will cost between 50 and 150 thousand dollars, paid with tax dollars.

And The Town of Spring Green wants The Village of Spring Green to pay half because flood waters contaminated their sewage system.

Jill Bisco says her neighborhood may have been the hardest hit, but says the floods are everyone's problem

"If they build something out here, that's just going to spread the water to someone else. So we don't want others to go though what we did," she says.

The Village hasn't committed to the study yet.

Once the study is complete officials say actual preventative work could cost around $3 million.

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