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Fans say they need the band


MADISON (WKOW) -- The UW marching band is practicing hard for their return to Camp Randall.

They missed the big ten home opener against Ohio State because of a suspension.

The first missed home game in 40 years.

"It felt terrible and was an embarrassment not to be a part of football at Camp Randall," said band member Jon Alfuth.

The band missed the game, but fans say they missed the band.

"We missed all of the songs that we do and the movements that rile up the crowd," says UW student Kelly Cozine.

"It didn't have the same experience the band pumps up the crowd," says UW student Scott Abromowitz.

The band was suspended because of hazing incidents that occurred during a road trip to Michigan.

Some fans say it wasn't fair to punish the whole band for the bad behavior of a few.

"Hazing isn't good- but still we felt we didn't get the full experience," Cozine says.

Band Director Mike Leckrone says as the band marches on they will be working on ways to keep them in step And change the band's culture to keep a similar incident from happening again.

A plan that some fans applaud.

"From what i do know, they should be punished and the problem solved so future people who join don't have to face consequences because they want to plan an instrument," says UW student Faraz Parekh.

Still one thing all fans can agree with is the band is almost as critical to the game as the players.

"It will be good to have them back and it will be a reminder for everyone else and for the band that we really want them there," says Elizabeth Linn.

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