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8th Grader stops invader with BB gun


Madison (WKOW) -- 13 year old Jack Theisen had to make a quick decision when two would-be robbers were in the process of coming through an unlocked, basement door, and Theisen was home alone.

Theisen grabbed his Red Ryder model BB gun and shot the first invader in the shoulder, scaring off both men.

"He's resilient,"  Jack Theisen's father, Mike Theisen told 27 News.

Mike Theisen said his son, an eighth grade student at St. James Catholic School, has taken a hunter safety course and is proficient and safe with guns.  

Theisen said his son spotted the two men as they cased the front of the house on Sherman Avenue, perhaps believing the house was empty since most of the lights were out around 8 p.m. Oct. 9.   Theisen said Jack Theisen then watched the men make their way to the home's side entrance.

Theisen said he rushed home from his nearby restaurant after his son called and told him of the emergency.

"I did have a conversation with him that calling 911 would have been the more appropriate thing to do than be a hero,"   Theisen told 27 News.   "But he's just that kind of a kid.   He's responsible and wise for his age."

Theisen said Jack Theisen's contingency plan was to run from the men and on to the home's second story roof through a secluded door.

Police officials said they are looking for the two home invasion suspects, who they describe as white men around eighteen years old, with one of the men about 6'0'' and 200 pounds.

Theisen said another home invasion in his lakeside neighborhood took place in the spring.   Theisen said his family had not rehearsed a plan of action in the event of a burglary or robbery attempt at their home.

Theisen said while he has mixed emotions over his son confronting intruders, he said he is proud of him.   "He's got guts."


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