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Hundred dollar hamburger


Madison (WKOW) -- Tommy Thompson, Herb Kohl, and many of the Green Bay Packers have something in common:  they've all been to, or eaten at, Madison's Jet Room Restaurant.

  It's tiny and tucked away on the east side of Truax Field.

  Joe LaBarbera had no toruble finding it and spending a little time getting to the folks who run it.

  You'll quickly find out why the owner of the Jet Room is someone you should know.

  There's always something cookin' at the Jet Room Restaurant.

  If it's not breakfast, it's the conversation.

  It's a great place to get a freshly poured, steamy cup of coffee - and a lot more.

  Even the little ones love the Jet Room.

  Pat and Pam O'Malley have been in the retaurant business for the past 30 years, the last 11 as owners of the Jet Room.

  The kitchen is always busy and the chefs stay on top of it all.

  This restaurant has been around since the 1950's.

  It began as a place where pilots could get something called the one hundred dollar hamburger.

   Restaurant owner Pat O'Malley said, "a hundred dollar hamburger is pilot slang for the true cost of what that burgers gonna be. Our burgers about eight dollars here, but it's going to cost another ninety- two by the time you get in the airplane, fuel it and fly in."

  Glenn Kramer and his buddies get here for breakfast once a week or so.

  For the record, they drove here from Stoughton; they didn't fly.

  Kramer said, "I ordered corned beef hash with poached eggs this morning."

  Kramer has been coming here for years and loves to joke with staff.

  He added, "we look here and tell them our flight's coming in soon so we need to have our breakfast quick."

  He really doesn't have a private plane to catch.

  He's just having fun, and eating well.

  That's what you do in the Jet Room.

  Kramer feels like he's part of the O'Malley Family.

  Kramer also said, "good people. Lot of fun. We've even been out to a brewer bus trip together and we've really enjoyed having them around. We have a good time here, they're -- treat people really well."

  Pat O'Malley said, "ther'es really no place really that you can come and sit down and be within a few feet of a general aviation airplane. Today's security makes this very very unique. There's only a handful of restaurants like this in the whole country and we try to back that up with good food, good service and have a lot of fun."

  Fun, with a view -- just a few feet from the airplanes -- planes that pilots use to get here for their $100 hamburger.

  A burger you can get for about 92 dollars less, if you just walk in and make yourself part of the O'Malley Family.

  The Jet Room is always busy and typically packed on the weekend.

  What you may not know is only about a third of its customers are actually pilots.

  The O'Malleys serve breakfast and lunch, closing every day at two.

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