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Sun Prairie schools to amend rental policy

Sun Prairie School board members voted Monday night to amend some school policies, which they hope will prevent a lawsuit from the Open Door Church.

Church lawyers say the policy to rent out space in the district is discriminatory, by charging religious groups.

The lawsuit alleges that other groups, like 4H, Girl Scouts, and the American Cancer Society do not have to pay to use school facilities.

Superintendent Tim Culver presented a first draft of policy changes to the school board today.

They unanimously approved it.

"There's more significant changes in procedures, and that's still in draft," Culver said. "Conversations are still going on between attorneys, and we're doing our best to resolve this."

In the revised policy, all rules regarding religious groups have been completely crossed out.

A new sentence is also added, requiring groups that charge admission to pay rental fees to the school district.

This now goes before lawyers of both sides for consideration. If an agreement is reached, the school board could vote on a final draft by its next meeting in November.

Phone calls to the Open Door Church were not returned.

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