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Losing out on retirement

The financial meltdown has taken over 20% of the funds I had depended upon to live in retirement. I now know I did not have enough put away as no one would have expected before I retired in 2000 that we would basically have a financial depression. We are told to not depend on social security which we did not and now because the conservative mutual stock funds that I had in my 403b are now declining by the month. Because we need to use these funds to live there is no way we can wait to get gains if that ever happens. As a result of this we need to change our entire living in retirement which makes it really disappointing and possibly in time force us to sell our home to live. With high gas prices and costs of everything rising our living for the rest of our retirement will certainly be reduced in satisfaction. If health costs keep going up even with medicare as a result of our health needs we will suffer even more. This lack of government oversight to protect us as citizens as really difficult to accept. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my story.

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