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Losing a job

When looking for a place to relocate it was recommended by a co-worker to check out Wisconsin. Then we traveled here for vacation on three separate occasions, the first one I was not here for about three hours and decided this is what we have been searching for.

My wife and I moved here from Florida June 2007. Two months after arriving we found a great house in a perfect neighborhood located in Randolph. My wife after three and a half months found a job which she still has in Madison through a temp agency. I brought my job with me as it is in the customer service field and was able to work remotely from home. With me working from home all was smoothly moving towards the goal we had been working to reach for over five years. Last January I had my job eliminated by the Board of Directors of the company simply to cut costs. Since I was "laid off" I have applied and sent out over one hundred and thirty resumes, joined or signed on with several Employment Agencies, taken tests to work for the State of Wisconsin and still am unable to obtain employment. I spend over 40 hours a week searching on the internet, pounding the pavement, and networking to find a job.

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