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Missing out on the bailout

I lost my job on 2/1/08. I was making almost $55,000 per year, was denied unemployment and have been living on child support of $161 per week. I went from bringing home over $3000 per month to $644 . My expenses are higher than my income.I moved and am now paying almost $300 per month less for rent, however, it is still more than my income. I am on the verge of losing my vehicle because I cannot afford the $582 per month trustee payment from my Jan. 2007 Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Because my car is part of the bankruptcy, as a result of being in default on that payment, I will not only lose my car but also my bankruptcy will go belly up and I will have creditors calling again to try to collect payments.

I have some related legal issues with my lost employment, which has severely affected my ability to find employment.

I appreciate the government bailout,however, what about those of us who have lost jobs, who do NOT own their own homes, but are still unable to pay their monthly bills.I don't hear anyone talking about helping us. Don't forget about those of us who can't afford to own their own home, yet we sitll struggle every week.

I lost a job over the summer because I was unable to pay for gas.My boyfriend works in Madison and has had problems with gas money to get to work and back in between pay periods as well.

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