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Planning Ahead

I have always lived within my means. I am debt free and have been ridiculed for my lifestyle for years by people that thought credit was the same thing as money.

I retired early and was managing my own investments. I remembered my high school economics class. I couldn't understand how stock markets kept going up when the dollar kept getting devalued by printing press economics.

I invested for this judgement day. The government keeps changing the rules. I see news reports where peoples' pets have fancier housing than I do. Yet they cry to the camera that they can't make ends meet.

The government changes the rules AFTER the market is closed, so I can't change my investments. 90% of my nest egg has evaporated in less than a year. As soon as I figure the new rules and start to make a little back, the rules get changed again.

I continue to live debt free, and produce most of my own food. Go ahead and crash the economy; then you can all learn how to catch and eat muskrats. Then we can laugh together instead of you laughing at me.

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