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Madison Gas and Electric customers billed for being undercharged


Madison (WKOW) -- About a week ago, Middleton resident Beverly Everson received a letter from Madison Gas and Electric.

It told her the company's own device, which records the amount of gas customers use, malfunctioned.

"The AMR only registered half of the gas consumption," Everson says.

And because she was only charged for half the gas over the past two years.

She owes them $1,148.97.

Just two miles away in Madison, Virginia Roberts thought her bill had been lower because she installed a new furnace.

But she got the same letter. She owes $645.26.

"I knew they had readers from their truck but assumed they're doing it correctly," Roberts says.

"I don't think it's fair. It's their equipment and if they can't read it correctly that's their fault not mine," Everson says.

"It's never their fault, but in this case of fairness, people can't have free energy either," says Madison Gas and Electric spokesperson Stephen Kraus.

Kraus says he can't speak about any specific case, but adds if they wave any customers bills, then all of their customers have to pay more.

"If you go to a retail store and you get too much change back from the clerk, it may be a mistake but it's still not your money," Kraus says.

Everson doesn't deny using the gas, but says she shouldn't have to pay for a mistake that happened over the past two years. A mistake she didn't make.

"My husband passed away last year. 11-hundred dollars is a lot of money," she says.

Kraus says they've seen cases like these in the past and sometimes even over charge customers.

He says when that happens the company does pay those customers back.

Everson and Roberts may have been undercharged for more than two years, but according to the Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities like Madison Gas and Electric, they can only collect back bills for up to two years.

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