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Rock County marijuana crop has roots in Mexico


ROCK COUNTY (WKOW) -- Detectives trace a marijuana crop found in eastern Rock County back to Mexico.

Law enforcement officers working in the Rock County SIU found four acres being used to grow the plants back in August, but there are still no suspects.

Rock County detectives are working with other agencies around the midwest on this case. That's because this is not an isolated incident.   With border security improving, Mexican gangs are starting to grow their marijuana crops in the US.

Many times, these operations occur on public land. In Kenosha County this past year officers found crops in New Munster and the Bong Recreational Area. Officers in Illinois have also found crops in forest preserves in Cook County. Detectives want to know if these cases are connected.

The sheriff's department says the growing season is over for this year, but asks hunters to be on the look out for other potential sites.

"Hunters may come across areas like this, that are clear cut that really there is no reason for the woods to be cut down. If they do we would encourage them to call the sheriff's office or whatever jurisdiction that they're in," said Lieutenant Todd Christiansen, Rock County detective.

The department also encourages land owners to check their properties regularly for suspicious activities.

Strange vehicles and people suddenly hanging around a particular area could be a sign something's going on.

Officers say if you stumble onto to something, leave the area and call law enforcement. Detectives say the growers in Rock County planted their crop last spring and attended it for months without anyone noticing.

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