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Remembering the Great Depression


MADISON (WKOW) -- Lillian Deutsch lived through the depression. She was just 11 years old in 1929, the same year her mother passed away. She vividly remembers the struggles they faced during the depression.

"People were turning to one another. People were giving up their homes, doubling up with other people. The cost of food was exorbitant."

Left to care for three young kids, Lillian's father turned to Jewish Social Services for help and found work as a salesman.

Lillian feels that even with the current financial downturn, she believes we won't go through what she and others did 80 years ago.

"There are other leaders, they are thinking differently. There are many more advantages that they have today, they've gained through the years. These are the advantages that will help them i think."

Lillian has this advice on how to survive these tough financial times.

"There are many, many places to turn to like i did that time, we did. There are opportunities and you shouldn't be too proud to try to ask for help if you're destitute. Nothing is gong to come to you automatically unless you go after it."

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