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The road to stardom


Madison (WKOW) -- Madison native and actor JD Walsh has nearly 20 movie and television series appearances to his name.

  He's been on CSI, Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg and more.

  While JD is someone you already know, Joe LaBarbera now introduces you to the person who pointed him down the road to stardom.

  Her name is Rebecca Jollings and she's definitely someone you should know.

  JD Walsh has the kind of face that makes you say, "where do I know that guy from?"

  The answer is television shows and movies.

  More than a dozen of them.

  Right now, he's back at west high to help his old drama teacher, Rebecca Jollings.

  He's teaching improv to her students.

  While Walsh went on to Hollywood fame, his teacher stayed in the classroom.

  Now Walsh is paying back the favor.

  He said, "I don't think I would have the life that I have if it hadn't been for Rebecca Jollings and it's one of the reasons I go back and talk to her classes."

  One thing we do know is the students are affected by JD on the day he comes to visit.

  The other 364 days a year, they are impacted by Rebecca Jollings.

  Teaching is her passion.

  Jollings is rejuvenated with enthusiasm.

  JD helps Jollings remember that teaching students about drama goes beyond the classroom.

  For many the lessons learned are life altering, changing their perspective on the world.

  It changes your sense of confidence.

  It changes the way you stand in the world.

  It changes the way you enter a room.

  It really changes how you feel about who you are.

  And changes how you feel about your direction in life.

  Sometimes it even launches you on the road to stardom, while keeping you humble enough to remember your roots.

  So you can return and keep giving back to those who gave you your start in the first place.

  Walsh added, "I think Rebecca Jollings changes lives. I think Rebecca Jollings makes people who feel a lot of doubt about their lives feel confident about their skills."

  Which is why rebecca jollings is someone you should know.

  Walsh worked with the some of the students to develop improv skills while in front of Jollings class.

  He did an improv show in the west auditorium on Saturday, where some of the kids he worked with, opened for him, getting their own taste of performing before a live audience.

  It was a benefit performance for jollings theater programs.

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