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Angry Badger fans call Madison city officials over beer garden dispute


The Stadium Bar's beer garden is a very popular place for Badger fans to watch home games.

Normally broadcast on a large screen next to this sign.

But when 10:00pm hits- those fans have to leave.

Madison city rules state all beer gardens downtown must close down by 10 during night games.

"The game doesn't even finish until 10:15pm or 11:15pm," says Stadium Bar co-owner Jim Luedtke.

Luedtke says the early dismissal leaves a lot of fans upset, and after the last home game against Penn State, Luedtke says they were tired of taking the heat.

"We put a scroll on out big screen.. We put sorry for the inconvienice but we have to close because of city ordinance," Luedtke says.

Then the names and phone numbers for Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, Alder Julia Kerr and Robbie Webber scrolled on the screen- telling those angry fans to call them if they weren't happy with the ordinance.

"So many people have no clue what's going on- so it's informational. That's the way we look at it," Leudtke says.

And many people did make the call at a meeting that following Friday, Mayor Cieslewicz told the owners he wasn't happy with their decision.

"It may have not been the best thing to do to put up the home phone numbers... Maybe their office numbers but not their home phone numbers at 10 or 11 at night," says Joel Plant of the mayor's office.

The Stadium Bar says their clash with the city started in August, when the city started cracking down on the ordinance.

The city handed the bar a long list of violations against the bar.

Including keeping the beer garden open past 10 pm.

"They did have some problems they would do well some games, not so well others allowing people out," Plant says.

Stadium Bar says they have been trying to comply with the ordinance, but says it's difficult to clear out so many people before the game ends.

Luedtke says despite this dispute- they are working with the city on what's called their conditional use permit trying to clarify what they can and can't do at their bar.

The city plans to review that conditional use permit at a zoning and planning commission meeting sometime in December.

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