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Congressional candidates debate international affairs

MADISON (WKOW) -- Republican Congressional Candidate Peter Theron took the stage with incumbent Democrat Tammy Baldwin at a debate on global issues at the Brogden Psychology Building in downtown Madison Thursday night.

The two tackled issues such as lifting sanctions on Cuba, removing cold war missiles from Poland, North Korea and what it takes to win the war on terror in Afghanistan.

"Afghanistan is a front line in the war on terror. We are facing radical islamic terrorists. This is not a never ending war, but it is an existential war. War is fought until one side quits or is defeated and if we walk away, we lose," Theron said.

"We cant define it (the war on terror) so broadly or it would be a war without direction and a war without end. I think we go back to the basic authorizations and pursue that," Baldwin said.

The event was put on by the Wisconsin chapter of the United Nations Association U.S.A.

Organizer Lee Brown says Congressional leaders have to deal with foreign affairs, especially when it comes to funding.

"The House of Representatives decides how we spend out money and with the power of the purse it's very important how we spend out money on international affairs," Brown says.

The Global Affairs Forum is the second and last scheduled debate between Baldwin and Theron.

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